Frozen Throne HD [HACK Vip 5/9K Diamonds/18M Gold Coins] v 1.2.6

Author: Enot
Category: Casual
Weight: 195 mb
Android version: 2.2.x
As Warcraft 3 gets older and older by terms of graphics, skins, and models this is the main cause why many good old games simply die off so i decided that this legendary game need's an overhaul.
And i am just planing to do that with my mod called Warcraft Resurrection.
Warcraft Resurrection will blow your mind and i am guaranteeing it.
This mod is collection of resources from many costum Warcraft 3 maps, campaigns, and projects in which only the best of the best are chosen.
With new new skins models,textures,projectiles too give Warcraft 3 reign of chaos and Frozen Throne a new and interesting look.
While the mod itself doesn't add any new units or new missions it will change the look and aspects of Warcraft 3 for the better.
I strongly recommend too play the original campaigns of Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne too observe the differences implemented.
Too play the original campaigns is strongly recommended however you can play single-player and multi -player too.
However some differences are hard too spot so don't be mad if you don't spot them on the instance.
Don't worry i am only choosing the the best of the best from The Hive Workshop community and from many other dedicated Warcraft 3 sites.
I hope everyone will love the mod or at least like it.

And all the races have recieved a bit resurrection so which of the four main races do you choose?

Frozen Throne HD [HACK Vip 5/9K Diamonds/18M Gold Coins] v 1.2.6
Frozen Throne HD [HACK Vip 5/9K Diamonds/18M Gold Coins] v 1.2.6

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