Tribal Pass [HACK Free] v 1.11

Author: Enot
Category: Arcade
Weight: 43 mb
Android version: 4.1.x
Peace no more. Tomorrow – no more.
Shaman said: "Flaming Dew scorches the earth, wipes the life – soon."
Shaman said: "Death remains here. Life awaits – somewhere." The tribe sets off. For the Big Pass.

Tribal Pass is a tactical hardcore runner comprised of resource management and environment interactions – all on the run.

Tribesmen make their way through the unfriendly wilds encountering a quick river, a herb, a human and a beast of various danger. You play around encounters, splitting and uniting the tribe, arming it properly, making sure your people are alive and your food is in stock.

Please mind the fact that this really is a RUNNER (of no sort you've ever seen, though) – there's no stopping till the sun drops and the run ends.

The runs are procedurally built and ruthless to new players, but eventually it all depends on the player's skill.

Tribal Pass [HACK Free] v 1.11
Tribal Pass [HACK Free] v 1.11
Tribal Pass [HACK Free] v 1.11
Tribal Pass [HACK Free] v 1.11

Download Tribal Pass for Android:

Download from Google Play

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