Space Colonizers Idle Clicker Incremental [HACK Money] v 1.5.3

Author: Enot
Category: Simulation
Weight: 76 mb
Android version: 4.1.x
This is an incremental idle space clicker game, and also a simulation & strategy game!
If you like playing idle clickers, you will gonna love this game!

"As our civilization becomes more industrialized...
This planet has quickly become more and more uninhabitable..
Our species must find habitable planets if we are to survive.
Brave traveler, you are one of many who must adventure through space to save humanity..."

With in the game, you can:

* Travel through the space of cosmos
* Upgrading your space ship
* Exploring beautiful planets
* Meet all kinds of aliens
* Build space buildings
* Transfer human beings to space!

You earn golds when traveling, and as well as offline!

Space Colonizers Idle Clicker Incremental [HACK Money] v 1.5.3
Space Colonizers Idle Clicker Incremental [HACK Money] v 1.5.3

Download Space Colonizers Idle Clicker Incremental for Android:

Download from Google Play

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