Digger Machine find minerals [HACK Money] v 2.5.6

Author: Enot
Category: Arcade
Weight: 48 mb
Android version: 4.0.x
Digger Machine is an arcade, minera game where you dig for precious minerals, diamonds, gold... Before achieving your goal, you can build bases which will make your machine better and stronger!

Beware though, as the path to fortune is filled with traps! And when you finally make it to the bottom, the "Boss" will wait for you there!

If you like games like Motherload, this game is for you!

Therefore, download now and start to extract precious minerals, the most valuable of which is - Awesomite.

❖ Features ❖
➤ 29 precious types of minerals (gold, diamonds, rubies, malachites...), which you can sell and improve Diggy with the earned money
➤ 9 levels of improvements, which will make your Diggy even better
➤ new, 4 categories of diggers
➤ large underground world, which offers more traps and dangers with every dig
➤ 5 actions which you can use during your journey
➤ new and improved interface
➤ relaxing but demanding gameplay
➤ Google Game Services for sharing your stats with friends and following your progress
➤ navigation for easy search of new bases
➤ a lot of missions, where you can choose your reward - either diamonds or something else

The game is Free to play!

Digger Machine find minerals [HACK Money] v 2.5.6
Digger Machine find minerals [HACK Money] v 2.5.6
Digger Machine find minerals [HACK Money] v 2.5.6
Digger Machine find minerals [HACK Money] v 2.5.6
Digger Machine find minerals [HACK Money] v 2.5.6

Download Digger Machine find minerals for Android:

Download from Google Play

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