Monster Chronicles [HACK God Mode/One Hit] v 2.18

Author: Enot
Category: RPG
Weight: 28 mb
Android version: 4.0.x
Love collecting monsters? Step into the world of Monster Chronicles!

Do you want to be the absolute best, like none ever before? These monsters are your true test, master them to even out the score! As you travel across the realm, roaming far and wide, your attacks will overwhelm - the powers at your side!

Step into the world of Monster Chronicles - An adventure wrought with creature collecting, breeding, and awesome puzzle style combat! Embark on an exciting and brand new Monster Collecting RPG experience featuring - you guessed it - Monsters!

Begin a fantastic journey to uncover the secrets of this mysterious new world filled with a vast array of both cute and fearsome beasts. Collect em’, hatch ‘em, breed ‘em, and bring them into battle as you take on the challenge that is Monster Chronicles!


● Fun & Original Battle System - Take down enemies in a fast paced strategic tactics-puzzle mix!

● Breed, Hatch, & Collect - Create a Monster Dream team as you mix and match to find the best combinations.

● Live PvP & Ghost Mode - Take the fight online to face other players from around the globe, or leave a “Ghost” of your Monster to help your friends while you’re away!

● Event Dungeons - Explore carefully crafted adventures, featuring tough challenges and rewarding loot.

● Rich Storyline - Follow the single player quest to uncover a deep and surprising fantasy tale.

Monster Chronicles [HACK God Mode/One Hit] v 2.18
Monster Chronicles [HACK God Mode/One Hit] v 2.18

Download Monster Chronicles for Android:

Download from Google Play

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