Rise n Shine - Balloon Animals [HACK Money] v 1.1.3

Author: Enot
Category: Adventure / Action / Arcade
Weight: 61 mb
Android version: 4.0.x
Rise and shine as you take your balloon to new heights. Fly and collect a unique set of animal inspired hot air balloons as high as you can while gathering stars and traversing storms.

Use power-ups such as magnets, speed boosts and fuel freeze to help you reach further heights and unlock more amazing balloon animals!

✩ Unique and stunning art style
✩ Tons of fun & cute characters to collect
✩ A fun and challenging game that's easy to play
✩ Achievements
✩ Highscore Leaderboards

✩ Simply tap and hold the left side of the screen to move left or the right side of the screen to move right.
✩ Avoid falling mine-chutes
✩ Hit the Fuel Freeze powerup to stop your fuel from dropping for a short time
✩ Hit the Speed Boost to gain a huge speed increase and become invincible for a short time
✩ Hit the Magnet to attract stars to your balloon
✩ Collect stars so you can unlock fun new Balloon Animals

One of the best arcade games for kids out there!

The game offers in-app purchases but can be fully enjoyed for free.
The game will request permission to device storage only in order to save game progress.

Rise n Shine - Balloon Animals [HACK Money] v 1.1.3
Rise n Shine - Balloon Animals [HACK Money] v 1.1.3
Rise n Shine - Balloon Animals [HACK Money] v 1.1.3

Download Rise n Shine - Balloon Animals for Android:

Download from Google Play

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