Frontier Defense [HACK Money] v 1.79

Author: Enot
Category: Strategy
Weight: 48 mb
Android version: 4.0.x
This is really a Tower Defense being upgraded with RPG elements, the most easy to play but also hell to master Tower Defense ever in mobile! Are you tired of watching your towers and do nothing to sercuce your victory? Let's Frontier Defense give you a whole new picture of a creative Tower Defense game ever on mobile.

Fronteir Defense introduce a unique gameplay by letting you simply HOLD a button to perform a crazy attack on monters:
- HOLD to crazy attack & Tap to activate devastating skills!
- Recruit heroes (like RPG Games)! Build Defensive Towers (like Tower Defense)!
- Upgrade towers! Level up heroes!
- Unlock Relics! Spin the lucky wheel!
- Open mystery chests! Defense Tower to WIN!

What made Frontier Defense becomes a MUST-HAVE Tower Defense game?
- This is where idle game (clicker) perfectly meets tower defense!
- This is where RPG elements do exist! Recruit heroes with their own unique abilities!
- This is where you can control up to 3 HEROES at the same time!
- This is where you do all can to push back the enemies!!!

All cool features that people ever wanting in a idle games & Tower Defense games, Frontier Defense has them all

- 10 unique defensive towers with endless upgrades! (More to come in updates)
- 6 unique heroes with endless upgrades! (More to come in updates)
- 50 beautiful, hand-crafted environments.
- More than 100 Relics to collect!
- Many types of destructive monsters are ruthlessly outnumbered!
- Many quests with awesome rewards.
- Lucky Wheel to brings great items.
- Leader-board.
- Achievements.
- Data syncs across multiple devices.

Frontier Defense [HACK Money] v 1.79
Frontier Defense [HACK Money] v 1.79
Frontier Defense [HACK Money] v 1.79

Download Frontier Defense for Android:

Download from Google Play

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