Pets vs. Zombies2-Zombie virus [HACK Money] v 1.00

Author: Enot
Category: Puzzle
Weight: 29 mb
Android version: 4.0.x
HOT! HOT! Are you ready for summer vacation?
Are you bored waiting for an airplane? Pet vs Zombie 2 during wait! Prepare your summer vacation in advance.

A puzzle game recommended in new games. Attack the blocks and attack the zombies.
The best puzzle game to play with new pet friends and zombies. matching!! & pang !! Rescue!

# Lion pet: Makes a bush that protects pet friends from zombie attacks.
- Friends in the bush can avoid a zombie attack once.
- Lion pets only appear on certain levels.
# Bubble Pet, Otter: I have a drop for the mission
- Acquire water drops Match the otter in the mission to acquire water drops.
Imagine Pet friends drinking and sipping water in the summer heat of sunshine

infected zombies and recovery zombies with new pet friends!!
Please save the village with pet friends. Enjoy a cute puzzle with mobile puzzle game,
Pet vs Zombie 2: Zombie Virus

# The infected zombie infects the pets.
- Match it before you turn into a zombie.
# Recovery zombie recovers a weak zombie.
- It does not attack the pet, but it is a nervous zombie.
- It is recommended to kill the recovery zombies first.

New system that was not in puzzle game!! It's COOL!
It is especially recommended for users with no charge. There is no shortage of items.

1. Institute
- You can GET game items in the lab.
- The higher the level, the more items you can produce.

2. Battle Zone
- Fight is not physical strength and strength !!
- Take control of pet's activity and compete with zombies.
- The higher the activity, the higher the probability of winning.

You can fully enjoy WITHOUT in-app billing
This will be the bestest game you've played game ever and ever.

Pets vs. Zombies2-Zombie virus [HACK Money] v 1.00
Pets vs. Zombies2-Zombie virus [HACK Money] v 1.00
Pets vs. Zombies2-Zombie virus [HACK Money] v 1.00
Pets vs. Zombies2-Zombie virus [HACK Money] v 1.00

Download Pets vs. Zombies2-Zombie virus for Android:

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