Anime Girls Go [HACK Immortal/1 Hit] v 20

Author: Enot
Category: RPG
Weight: 269 mb
Android version: 4.0.x
All-new cute anime card mobile game, use the animation world and the real world assimilation of the future country as the background, the assembly of the classic animation characters, dedicated the fans of anime to build your own exclusive star team. Highly restored of animation, beautiful and meticulous game scenes, gorgeous realistic character effects, coupled with lovely female characters, so you can enjoy the visual feast, experience dazzling animation game!

Breaking the traditional round game mode, innovative use of gameplay, crazy sweep the battlefield, the release of ultimate skill to burst the screen! The outbreak of the attack is so simple!

Rich in cultivating system, a variety of stimulating play; Adventure mode, exciting qualifying match, climbing both honor and wealth of the skyscraper, the challenge of alien dark space "non" corps; multi-system gameplay, Let you shout straightforward!
Moe girl has been in place, the second element Army waiting for the invasion! Now the next generation of gorgeous unknown world is waiting for you to explore!

---Game feature---
Perfect graphics, make your blood expansion!
Familiar male anime characters turned into beauties warlords, the perfect interpretation of royal sister and the Queen! Present the beautiful characters, subvert your vision, and shocking your feelings!

Cool combo fight, hardly tear yourself away from it
Breaking the traditional round mode, innovative combo combat, grasp the precise timing of the shot, to create the ultimate fun experience. More beauties madden skills, the absolute outbreak of force.

The collection of hero, make you unable to stop!
The collection system is comprehensive and rich! Beyond the imagination of fate, and girls to fight for you, activate the fatal relationship between partners, significantly enhance the team combat power! Rich gameplay system to meet your desire.

Rich gameplay system, make you elated!
More system, and diverse activities throughout the day! Cross-server arena to burn up your PK passion. In addition, there is a small game easy moment, multiple gameplay, multiple challenges, fun simply does not stop!

Anime Girls Go [HACK Immortal/1 Hit] v 20
Anime Girls Go [HACK Immortal/1 Hit] v 20
Anime Girls Go [HACK Immortal/1 Hit] v 20
Anime Girls Go [HACK Immortal/1 Hit] v 20
Anime Girls Go [HACK Immortal/1 Hit] v 20
Anime Girls Go [HACK Immortal/1 Hit] v 20
Anime Girls Go [HACK Immortal/1 Hit] v 20
Anime Girls Go [HACK Immortal/1 Hit] v 20

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