City Growing-Touch in the City [HACK Money] v 1.28

Author: Enot
Category: Simulation
Weight: 23 mb
Android version: 4.0.x
We need a mayor of our damaged city.
Please make a poor city the best city with your experiences and passions.
Opportunity to become a mayor of the world's best city with a simple touch!
Will you be a beggar or a successful mayor?

★A new type of neglect clicker touch game has come!
When you raise the city level, amount of gold per touching is also raised
Check out the cool city scenery as you level up!

★ Buy various city assets!
If you want to raise the city level quickly, buy cars, helicopters, ships and more!
The more you have, the more gold you get by touching!

★ The city grows faster when its damaged. Touch hard to damage city!
The more your city is damaged, the faster the city grows with Experience & Passion points!

★ Auto touch function that occurs when you touch the screen!
At the end of hardship comes happiness!
Auto touch function for you who tap the screen hard!

★ Enjoy the festival!
With Festival mode, you can get up to 6times touch revenue!

A Clicker game where you can enjoy improving your building at your leisure.
You can make your own town with a simple touch!
Also, everyone can play anytime and anywhere with no internet access!

City Growing-Touch in the City  [HACK Money] v 1.28
City Growing-Touch in the City  [HACK Money] v 1.28
City Growing-Touch in the City  [HACK Money] v 1.28
City Growing-Touch in the City  [HACK Money] v 1.28

Download City Growing-Touch in the City for Android:

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