Rally Manager Handheld [HACK Free] v 1.0.5

Author: Enot
Category: Racing
Weight: 99 mb
Android version: 2.3.x
Take your team to the victory of the Rally Championship divided into 32 stages. The stages run through different surfaces in asphalt, land and snow rallies.

Lead your team and hire engineers, pilots and co-drivers. It improves the headquarters and the factories of development of all the components of the vehicle (Engineering, aerodynamics, mechanics, I + D).

Make contracts with sponsors to receive rewards for each race.

Make improvements to your car (aerodynamics, engine, suspension, brakes, exhaust, tires, transmission)

Unlock special I + D improvements by developing headquarters and hiring the chief engineer.

You will have 14 different types of tires for the stages: Six of Earth from hard to super soft. Six asphalt and two snow (snow powder and ice snow).

Select the type of driving during the race (Aggressive, balanced, conservative) and the motor map (straight, balanced and curves).

Rally Manager Handheld [HACK Free] v 1.0.5
Rally Manager Handheld [HACK Free] v 1.0.5
Rally Manager Handheld [HACK Free] v 1.0.5
Rally Manager Handheld [HACK Free] v 1.0.5
Rally Manager Handheld [HACK Free] v 1.0.5

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