Jet Pets - Pets in Trouble [HACK Money] v 2.0

Author: Enot
Category: Casual
Weight: 23 mb
Android version: 2.3.x
OMG! The cutest, most adorable little puppies and kittens are in deep trouble...and they need your help!

Overnight, these kittens, bunnies, dogs,cats and even monkeys who've been trapped in cages for years :( developed mysteriously magical flying powers that propelled them straight out of the pound and shooting for the clouds like rockets. Yes, they don't even need a jetpack.

The angry pound masters have set out to capture these flying 'jet' pets, and it's your job to get your pals home safe!

Fly through the skies with Mr. Charlie, Lola and many, many more as you fly away with agility from the pound masters and jet your way to safety in this simple, endless arcade ascender game.

Game Features:
- Easy Controls! Tap and hold left side of the screen to dash left and up, and right side of the screen to dash right and up.
- Avoid the obstacles and go for a high score run. These mini pets need you. Remember, don't crash into the cars.
- Cute pet shop to unlock pups, kittens, dogs and baby pets too.
- Collect coins to unlock in-game goodies.
- Designed for pet lovers.
- Beat your friends and share pictures with your virtual cute mini animals.
- Show your love for your adorable pals. Help your pup leap to safety.
- Play in the beautiful city during day, night and even through rains.
- One of the world's hardest game? You bet!
- Extremely addictive and fun

If you enjoy quick tap games, or short session arcade gameplay, Jet Pets is definitely for you.

Puppy Power!

Please note: A certain percentage of earnings from this game will be donated for animal welfare.

Jet Pets - Pets in Trouble [HACK Money] v 2.0
Jet Pets - Pets in Trouble [HACK Money] v 2.0
Jet Pets - Pets in Trouble [HACK Money] v 2.0

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