Fishing [HACK Diamonds/Gold] v 2.4

Author: Enot
Category: Simulation
Weight: 98 mb
Android version: 4.0.x
Play the ultimate 3D fishing game of 2017 for FREE! Download Wild Fishing and take on your fishing adventure around the world’s most attractive fishing paradises.

The ultimate 3D fishing experience
Experience real fishing in ultimate 3D scenes. With easy one-touch control you can demonstrate your skills and intelligence in fearless battle with wild sea beasts.

Exotic fishing attractions around the world
From the Maldives to the Himalayas, from the Ayr Lake to the Amazon, visit the hottest fishing spots for anglers around the world. Catch indigenous fish species while enjoying the amazing natural beauty.

Thousands of species to catch
A wide variety of fish awaits you at each fishing spot, where you can catch rare fish like swordfish, amberjack, sailfish, tuna, etc. Learn more about all kinds of fish species from your fish handbook; keep them in your aquarium and sell them for the best price while they grow bigger.

A wide choice of fishing gear
Hundreds of fishing rod, lures, reels and lines for you to choose from. To get the biggest catch, you need the right gear. With a wide choice of fishing gear, you will surely be able to fish like a pro.

Exciting activities to spice up the game
Exciting activites add more fun to your fishing experience. Compete in fishing tournaments with players from around the globe! Enjoy the excitement of competition like in FLW and IGFA. Share your achievements with your friends.

Added customer service contact. Please click on your image on the left upper corner to enter the setting page, and then click on Contact Us to contact our customer service for any questions or problems you have about the game.

Fishing [HACK Diamonds/Gold] v 2.4
Fishing [HACK Diamonds/Gold] v 2.4
Fishing [HACK Diamonds/Gold] v 2.4
Fishing [HACK Diamonds/Gold] v 2.4

Download Fishing for Android:

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