WHITE SNIPER HD - Vector Run [HACK Free] v 32

Author: Enot
Category: Arcade
Weight: 31 mb
Android version: 2.3.x
"White Sniper HD - Vector Run" is an exciting arcade style game featuring you as an exceptional Undercover Military Sniper who won't be held down by the government. Run & Jump using techniques based on the urban Free-running sport of Parkour with Police in "hot pursuit". Unlock all the Medals of Honor by crossing larger distances and reach the Extraction point, which is situated 25000 meters from your initial location. But wait! There's more - Your team is trying to shut down the City Power Station but they could only do it in fragments. So, I hope your are not afraid when things get darker!!

Enjoy the, never before made, weather of a wild, stormy night all in HD while you run towards the Extraction Point and unlock all the Medals of Honor.

Game features:
- One-Touch Control
- Seamless Animation
- Stormy, lightning weather in the Night; all animated in HD
- Medals awarded for longer and longer distances
- Get virtually infinite free "Resumes" inside the game
- Free-style Parkour jumps is a lot of fun
- Dash through glass windows
- The Speed of the player increases with distance
- Brag about your medals by clicking the "BRAG" button below each medal

Mission Story: You are a Military Major assigned with a task to eliminate the biggest threat your nation is facing - an Authoritarian Dictator, Anarki Obsedius. You are successful in putting him down but you've been compromised by the local Police authorities. As your Sergeant informs you, you have to run through the roof-tops and use your parkour skills to jump across them to try to reach the Extraction Point which is 25000 meters from your initial location. All the while, your team will try to shut down the City Power Station but they could only shut it down in fragments. So, you might see the Power Shut Down abruptly during your action but you must not loose your focus. Keep your mind to reach the Extraction Point and Win the highest Medal of Honour - "The Order of Gladius". It is sacred in your service and you must keep yourself up to it. Ready to start your mission, Major ....

Your Mission Objectives:
- Reach the Extraction Point at 25000 meters
- Unlock all 13 Medal of Honor
- Do not hit the Antenna
- Do not fall
- Brag about your medals

WHITE SNIPER HD - Vector Run [HACK Free] v 32
WHITE SNIPER HD - Vector Run [HACK Free] v 32
WHITE SNIPER HD - Vector Run [HACK Free] v 32
WHITE SNIPER HD - Vector Run [HACK Free] v 32

Download WHITE SNIPER HD - Vector Run for Android:

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