Guerrilla Spirits Tactical RPG [HACK Free] v 2.0.0

Author: Enot
Category: RPG
Weight: 71 mb
Android version: 4.2.x
Unleash your inner beast! Guerrilla Spirits combines tactical, turn-based role playing with unique warriors that invoke the elements! Assemble a team of fighters from around the world. Summon powerful spirit animals whose earth-shattering powers are yours to command! Guerrilla Spirits gives your team of legendary warriors the power to control fire, water, and nature itself.


Collect legendary warriors from around the world
- Build a team of fire, water and grass summoners!
- Collectible Card Game (CCG)-style system to equip and level abilities.

Unleash your Spirit Animal
- Summon special powers in the form of tigers, cobras, wolves and more.
- Fire, water, and more! Command the elements via your Spirit Animal.
- Hunt for rare Spirits in remote areas

Tactical RPG team combat
- Turn based role playing combat against unique enemies
- Team tactics and strategy add depth to each battle

Rule the Wilds
- Explore jungles, forests, and more across a vast map
- Single player story mode
- Infinite replay through ranking challenges

Guerrilla Spirits Tactical RPG  [HACK Free] v 2.0.0
Guerrilla Spirits Tactical RPG  [HACK Free] v 2.0.0

Download Guerrilla Spirits Tactical RPG for Android:

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