Villain Rush [HACK Money/More] v 1.2

Author: Enot
Category: RPG
Weight: 71 mb
Android version: 4.0.x
◆ Crush the goody-two-shoes Heroes!
◆ The Kaizins gain power even when your phone is off!
◆ Truly novel idle TCG
◆ Take back the world from the Heroes who dominate the post-Kaizin Rumble world!

■■■■■Game Description■■■■■

Heroes rule the world after the end of Kaizin Rumble?!
◆ Revive all the Kaizins in the world by becoming their Great Leader!
◆ The Kaizins will attack the Heroes automatically in their nations!
◆ Defeat the Heroes and dominate the world!

Don't try to be nice, the Kaizins are here!
◆ Hundreds of Kaizins auto-battling in their nations!
◆ Tap the Kaizins in battle to grant them 3x battle speed!
◆ Defeat the Hero Bosses that appear every 10 stages and rule the world!

I am awesome
◆ Draw identical Kaizins to level them up!
◆ Equip gears to boost all Kaizins' stats!

Heroes are so last year!
◆ Evolve powerful Kaizins with the Kaizin Stones!
◆ Gain new skills with each evolution!

Idle clicker TCG! Become a Kaizin and take back the world!

Villain Rush [HACK Money/More] v 1.2
Villain Rush [HACK Money/More] v 1.2
Villain Rush [HACK Money/More] v 1.2
Villain Rush [HACK Money/More] v 1.2
Villain Rush [HACK Money/More] v 1.2

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