Catomic [HACK Money/Unlocked] v 1.4.1

Author: Enot
Category: Puzzle
Weight: 68 mb
Android version: 4.1.x
Cats colonizing Mars???
Catomic is a beautiful and addictive match-3 puzzle about kitties and owls! It's free, easy to master, and a perfect mobile game for any puzzle fan.

Match kitties on the board to make even more awesome kitties, so that they can go to space. Match and Meow!

It's free, so thinking is only required when you play, not right now. Just download it.

Catomic is an extremely addictive and easy to play match 3 puzzle. Combine grumpy cats and busy owls in groups of three to produce new characters. Each new match develops the cats’ space program and gets them closer to their dream of conquering the space.

Match 3 cats and owls, producing new free unique pieces. Aid the cats in completing a zeppelin flight, help Whisker brothers perform the first flight on a machine heavier than air. Establish commercial airlines, send a satellite to the orbit, land on the Moon. Do all the puzzles right, and regular travels to Mars and huge spaceships using jump portals will become a reality.

Every kitten in C:SCAO is born with a bold dream: to conquer the deep space. They drink some milk, go to school, then university, then build some fancy gadgets, and are quite ready for spaceship construction. Owls on the other hand couldn't care less about space. Their aspiration is power. When owls and cats meet, the space exploration saga of C:SCAO begins.

The game was soft-launched in Lithuania and won awards in contests:
• “LT Game Awards: Best Mobile Game”
• “LT Game Awards: Best Art Style”

Catomic [HACK Money/Unlocked] v 1.4.1
Catomic [HACK Money/Unlocked] v 1.4.1
Catomic [HACK Money/Unlocked] v 1.4.1
Catomic [HACK Money/Unlocked] v 1.4.1
Catomic [HACK Money/Unlocked] v 1.4.1

Download Catomic for Android:

Download from Google Play

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