Idle Master of Clickers [HACK Money] v 0.3.91 build 292

Author: Enot
Category: Arcade
Weight: 69 mb
Android version: 4.0.x
"In a world invaded for hundred of Idle and Clicker games , only one person will be able to manage them all, The Legendary Idle Master of Clicker!"

Idle Master of Clicker is an incremental game in which you take the role of an Idle Master who must discover and dominate all the Clicker Games in the world!

Some useful techniques to reach the glory:

* TAP to gain initial experience. Tap Again. Tap Again.
* LEVEL UP with Masters of Idling Trainings.
* DISCOVER and UNLOCK Clicker Phones. They will give you experience and special skills!
* CONTRACT Minions to manage your Clicker Phones (Idle automation!)
* BUY and COLLECT PowerCards.
* COMPETE in tournaments with your Team.
* PLAY mini games to raise your power!
* GO IDLE with Style.
* Meet cute characters on the road.
* Select Worlds and Backgrounds
* Play Clickers inside the Clicker with cute characters, more powerful boosts, tap challenges, and much more!

More Features
* Google Play Leaderboards and Achievements

Upcoming features
* Play Collaborative with FB Friends
* More Characters
* More Clicker Skills!
* More Story Events
* and more.. more!!

Idle Master of Clickers [HACK Money] v 0.3.91 build 292
Idle Master of Clickers [HACK Money] v 0.3.91 build 292
Idle Master of Clickers [HACK Money] v 0.3.91 build 292
Idle Master of Clickers [HACK Money] v 0.3.91 build 292

Download Idle Master of Clickers for Android:

Download: Hacked version 0.3.91 build 292
Download from Google Play

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