One Tap Duels [HACK Money] v 1.9.38

Author: Enot
Category: Action
Weight: 36 mb
Android version: 4.0.x
One Tap Duels is an infinite dueling game. Choose from an elite group of warriors from all over the world and different times in history with unique abilities, prove which one is better!

Are your tapping reflexes good enough to beat them all and become the ultimate tap killing machine?

This game will test your finger and eye coordination as you advance in levels! Enemies will show no mercy!

Learn how to counter and take advantage of each duelist.

Earn gold on each victory unlock them all and beat your kill streaks!

One tap is the line between victory or defeat!

Future features:
More warriors to choose from!
More abilities to give your that edge in battle!
More ways to earn coins!
Multiplayer mode!

One Tap Duels [HACK Money] v 1.9.38
One Tap Duels [HACK Money] v 1.9.38
One Tap Duels [HACK Money] v 1.9.38
One Tap Duels [HACK Money] v 1.9.38

Download One Tap Duels for Android:

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