Planktons - Endless Survival [HACK Gems/Unlocked] v 2.2.5

Author: Enot
Category: Action
Weight: 53 mb
Android version: 4.1.x
Jellyfish chase Planktons through the ocean trying to sting them. Planktons swim through the reef to avoid being hit by the Jellyfish.

It's a classic tale of Planktons versus Jellyfish. The Planktons were used to keeping it real, just floating around the reefs and taking it easy. One day, there was buzz that the Jellyfish clan were moving into the 'hood and stinging everything in their way… Including Planktons!

Help Planktons protect their side of the ocean and escape the jellyfish. The only way the Planktons can beat the jellyfish is by eating the forbidden fruit of the sea. After they snack on it, they turn into the most feared hunter in the deep sea and eat Jellyfish!


***New characters, achievements, features and music from the community! ***

Voice of the community:
- Thanks to Justin for the idea for a multiple life character!
- Thanks to the whole community for new feature suggestions

Join our community and contribute!

- New game changing achievements with original music
- New character with multiple lives
- Mystery achievements- can you unlock it?
- Fun original characters to unlock!
- Minor bug fixes and UI enhancements

Planktons will prevail !

Download now! It's Free! O_o

Planktons - Endless Survival  [HACK Gems/Unlocked] v 2.2.5
Planktons - Endless Survival  [HACK Gems/Unlocked] v 2.2.5
Planktons - Endless Survival  [HACK Gems/Unlocked] v 2.2.5

Download Planktons - Endless Survival for Android:

Download from Google Play

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