Sudden Assassin [HACK Player Dmg 10x/Increase Def/More] v 1.1.2

Author: Enot
Category: Action
Weight: 59 mb
Android version: 2.3.x
As your killer?
Still single?

This action RPG is different from the rest!
Gain experience in a fun and exciting battles, which you have not been!

Restore killer health damage inflicted enjoying a completely different management!

Defeat all the monsters and exit outside the endless mode!
Multiple worlds and variety of monsters!

Fun RPG fundamentals, and a variety of weapons and clothes that can get in the game!
Costumes from which you will be delighted with
fun and interesting story line, whether there is an interesting twist in the end ?!

With persistence that keeps you on your toes
let's help our hero, with the help of different ways to go through this ordeal!

If you have any questions or if you notice an error in the game, please contact us.
We look forward to your feedback and to answer any of your questions as quickly as we can!

Sudden Assassin [HACK Player Dmg 10x/Increase Def/More] v 1.1.2
Sudden Assassin [HACK Player Dmg 10x/Increase Def/More] v 1.1.2

Download Sudden Assassinfor Android:

Download from Google Play

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