Taps & Dragons - Idle Heroes [HACK Money/Gems] v 1.1.47f

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Category: Adventure
Weight: 68 mb
Android version: 4.0.x
Fantasy role-playing game with thousands of levels and tons of unique monsters and dragons. Tap the screen to hit the monster and press the special button to unleash their extraordinary abilities. Defeat legions of evil and become a real dragon hunter. Do not stop pressing and be the hero of this epic war against the monsters and dragons. Best RPG idle game, full of heroes, titans, dungeons and dragons. If you want to improve your level of play, Taps & Dragons is the best option. conflict with the Dragon Lord in an epic struggle with death.

Dragons are trying to dominate our world, can you stop them? Taps & Dragons Download and play for free!

A thin barrier that separates the world of the reality of the dragon was broken, and evil creatures invade the world. Help Yami, a mysterious ninja to become the heroine of the human race, beating all the dragons, giants and monsters in its path. Could you raise a Dungeon Hunter in this fantasy idle games?

Best bends game, RPG style and is full of epic adventures and legendary battles. Hire heroes group and lead them through the legendary battle against the dragons and giants. Monsters and robots, wizards and warriors, elves and gnomes ... Choose your heroes to communicate and go to the front. Kill all the enemies with your sword and get coins to level up and increase the power of your magic skills.

Angry Dragon clan village horrifies with its claws and fire, it is your duty to save the world and has become the god of war! With the help of brave knights and mighty wizards, you can call during the course, beat all the demons and dragons and restore order in the world. Click to attack, tap to collect gold, tap to catch the dragon eggs and click to hire heroes for your team. Touching the action, click to release the powerful skills and touch to achieve victory.

Upgrade your equipment and your skills and increase the damage you're doing every time you press on the screen. Be a real treasure hunter achieve coins and awards from each dragon. Loot each dungeon chests full of gold! Be vigilant and catch as many dragon eggs as you can, because in them you can find gold, magical momentum and a lot of surprises. Defeat terrorific creatures, pressing and tapping on the screen. The power is in your finger!

Game features

epic battles and bosses
Tons of enemies, dragons, giants, monsters, heart, skeleton knights, ogres, giants, goblins ... Can you beat them all?
Kill monsters by clicking and plunder their treasures, take the gold, and explore new worlds.

Upgrade skills and attitudes
Level up Yami ninja, your main character, to grow even stronger! The real RPG.
Boost your weapons, spells and equipment. Sharpen the swords and polish the armor, the war against the dragons come.

Advance through tons of adventures filled spheres, in order to prove their skills.
Incremental progress of the game and easy to play, just tap the screen with one finger.
Big epic fantasy scenarios with beautiful details and full of color and light effects.

Hire mighty warriors and magicians, and their level, each with their own unique skills.
Develop team members and achieve the glory of saving the world from evil dragons.
Gnomes, elves, humans, mythical creatures, robots ... You choose who follow you on the battlefield.

Taps & Dragons - Idle Heroes [HACK Money/Gems] v 1.1.47f
Taps & Dragons - Idle Heroes [HACK Money/Gems] v 1.1.47f
Taps & Dragons - Idle Heroes [HACK Money/Gems] v 1.1.47f
Taps & Dragons - Idle Heroes [HACK Money/Gems] v 1.1.47f
Taps & Dragons - Idle Heroes [HACK Money/Gems] v 1.1.47f
Taps & Dragons - Idle Heroes [HACK Money/Gems] v 1.1.47f

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