Mechanicus - steampunk puzzle [HACK Many clues] v 1.028

Author: Enot
Category: Puzzle
Weight: 41 mb
Android version: 4.0.x

Mechanicus isn't just another way of killing time. Sure, you can chill out, but you'll also develop your logic skills and spatial intelligence. Are you up to the challenge?
The aim of the game is to assemble a picture from lamps on hexagonal cells. Beware, expanding your brainpower is highly addictive!
Mechanicus has 150 levels, so you can train your brain as often as you like. Each one has its own patterns and puzzle, giving your mind the most possible exercise!
If you run out of patience with a puzzle, you can always use the hint function. That way you can get the difficulty just right. You can always stop using hints as your newly improved IQ takes shape!
Mechanicus is an intellectual steampunk puzzle game that challenges your brain while you play. Who knew a mental workout could be so addicting?
There's a function in the game to tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Vkontakte that you've started your mental training. Unless they're extremely lazy, they'll surely want to boost their IQ too!
Are you tired to play with "plumber" puzzles? Try Mechanicus and forget about rusty pipes!
We love language, logic and making stunning games. If you like the sound of that then Mechanicus is for you!
A special announcement for all those budding geniuses out there who can whizz through the levels: we're developing the game further. We welcome all feedback on anything from the font to the content, so drop us a line!

Mechanicus - steampunk puzzle [HACK Many clues] v 1.028


Mechanicus - steampunk puzzle [HACK Many clues] v 1.028


Future updates will include:
- an additional 100 levels with new gameplay (harder)
- a timed level mode
- a global rating system for the timed levels
- a share function so your friends on social networks can see your successes
As a wise man once said, "I came, I saw, I conquered Mechanicus – and became a genius!". Get playing now and you’ll be smarter before you know it!



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