Hero Revolution 3D [HACK DMG/Defense] v 3.0

Author: Enot
Category: RPG
Weight: 71 mb
Android version: 2.3.x

A combination of classical collectible card and RPG game in a new legend!
Join us and fight as a hero!

● Classic Japanese-style RPG
Long story short, Hero Revolution creates a world of Magic & Love for Japanese culture fans and offers a creative game mode.

● Social & Mobile
Play Hero Revolution with your Facebook friends and both of you will be awarded!
Team up with friends all over the world and challenge the Boss!

● Features:
+ Introduced the challenging tournament format in Arena
+ Pet collection originated from various dragons and other legendary existence
+ Recruit Servants as companions throughout the war against evil
+ Unique and powerful Fashion sets make you stronger
+ Innovative Co-op & PVP system enable you to practice with friends for the championship


Hero Revolution 3D [HACK DMG/Defense] v 3.0


Hero Revolution 3D [HACK DMG/Defense] v 3.0


Download Hero Revolution 3D for Android:

Download: Hacked version

Download from Google Play
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